QUALITY, EXCELLENCE and LONGEVITY,  three core values instilled in the company culture by the first Managing Director Alexander McMahon who began his foundry career at Sands Hill in 1925. These values continued to drive the company under his son Elwin who then led the company as Managing Director for 24 years and today, still guide the company under his son, Managing Director, Geoffrey McMahon.

QUALITY in every casting produced through proven practices and processes has been the key to retaining long term supply contracts with many private and public organisations for components used by the Australian Defence Industries, Australian Submarine Corporation and industry bodies such as motor vehicle, petrochemical and manufacturers of specialised medical equipment.

EXCELLENCE in everything we do is entrenched in every aspect of the company from production and supply to how we engage with our customers, employees, community and environment.  Over many years the company has been acknowledged by various industry awards for the integration of innovation with the traditional craft of moulding to create cost effective manufacturing processes.

LONGEVITY of more than 100 years of operation within the industry,  is the result of sound business planning and the ability to continually produce what our customers need in a timely and cost effective manner.

The business environment has changed significantly from the opening of our first foundry in 1913 to where we are today and Managing Director, Geoffrey McMahon has been instrumental in transforming the business to include international sourcing.

While castings remain a core product, our network of national and international foundries, machinists and suppliers around the globe enables us to satisfy our customer’s growing requirements in all types of casting processes, metals and assembled products.

While there continues to be a demand for quality products, Sands Hill will be at the forefront.