The People

1913 Jack Sands Hill established the company as Sands Hill Manufacturing.

1925 Elwin Alexander McMahon started his moulding apprenticeship and then held the position of Managing Director between 1961 and 1975.

1946 Continuing the family tradition, son Elwin Hamilton McMahon began his apprentiship as a moulder and went on to become Managing Director in 1975 and retiring in 1994.

1981 – present Present Managing Director Geoffrey Alexander McMahon joined the company after completing an apprentiship in the engineering and hydraulics industry. Further studies undertaken in modern foundry and production practices at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

The Company

1913 Sands Hill Manufacturing Company established at South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as a general engineering and electroplating business, a nonferrous foundry as part of this business.

1930 The company decided to concentrate on producing high quality nonferrous sands castings

1934 Approved to supply castings to the aircraft industry

1939 – 1945 During WW11 experience gained in casting of more difficult materials such as aluminium bronze, manganese bronze and nickel copper alloys.

The knowledge acquired at this time, together with a company policy of endeavouring to combine new technology with traditional moulding skills enabled the foundry to meet the challenges of the industry and resulted in Sands Hill Pty Limited being recognized as one of the leading nonferrous foundries in Australia.

1961 Sands Hill Manufacturing Company became Sands Hill Pty. Limited and in 1986 moved to larger more efficient premises in Williamstown.

2004  – 2012 Operations in China developed from a single foundry to four: Bronze Sand,  Aluminium Sand, Stainless Steel Sand and the latest addition, an Investment Cast Stainless Steel/Bronze Foundry.

Consulting practice developed with engagements in casting design for medical equipment (to aid in the most cost effective way to manufacture the casting).

Today, Sands Hill is recognised as a national and international sourcing, supply and consulting organisation.