Manway Covers, Rings & Joiners

Manway Cover MC1000

Sands Hill is the manufacturer and supplier of the TRELOAR Manway cover, MC1000. This product is manufactured and supplied under agreement with Treloar Trading Group Pty Ltd. The MC1000 is manufactured to Australian Standards and has been tested in Melbourne and passed as a Class “D” product.

Manway Cover installation ring  MC1000IR and joiner MC1000IRJ

To aid in locating the MC1000 directly over an underground tank, Sands Hill has developed the MC1000IR. This is designed to fit over the underground tank riser to underneath the galvanised ring of the MC1000 without hindering access to the tank from above ground.

The MC1000IR improves production by reducing the labour in setting up the MC1000 as well as saving costly sourcing of boxing up materials or having special rings made for every job.

If the tank is set deeper into the ground, or the ground is sloping, resulting in the distance from the tank to above ground is greater than the combined height of the MC1000 plus the MC1000IR, Sands Hill has developed a rubber joiner, the MC1000IRJ. This can be used to join two, three or more installation rings together. Once located in place, self-tapping screws can be used to hold the rings together. This enables the installer to have some adjustment so they can get the MC1000 to the level they require as well as some movement in angle.

Both the MC100IR and MC100IRJ can be supplied directly from Sand Hill of can be purchased from the tank manufacturer and supplied with the tank and MC1000.